Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Day Supporting at Ironman Canada

A Post by Jeremy

So Sunday was Ironman Canada. This was the 5th year I have been at Ironman Canada having raced this race twice (2008, 2009) and haivng done a couple other IM's In 2011 (IMCDA and Kona).

It was great to see all the support from those from the VanRunning crew, especially the effort drive up and back on race day from Vancouver. One of the things that has been great about how VanRunning has evolved is the organic nature of the growth of the community and friendships. This is something that we wanted to happen but di not want to "force" so are stoked people are willing to go out of the way to support others (Even though may be competing against each others on the day)

I will leave those who raced to talk about there days as they are the ones who did all the work and I think for the people we had racing they can be super stoked with their days. Was a tough day out there and was proud of the determination shown.

Spectating an IM is a big day, not as big as racing but close!!! My day started trying to catch people before transition at 5:30am before riding out to help run an aid station at 90km. After 4 hours in Full sun (tan lines are awesome) hitched out to the run course to try and give some encouragement. Managed to get back and see our athletes finish and catch them in recovery. Lots of curb bunny hopping needed on the bike for this one as I navigated across the back streets and alleys of Penticton.

Ended up doing a 115km on the bike on race day. Stuck around to the midnight to watch the final finishes and rode up the road to home at 12:20 at night (Good old ninja climbing - had good lights though).

Thanks again to everyone who came out and supported, and once again to those who raced I am absolutely stoked on how your days went.

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